Interacting and disordered quantum many body systems can display rich emerging dynamical phenomena far from thermal equilibrium, whose understanding represents a challenging frontier of research. While many questions remain open, spectacular theoretical and experimental progress at the interface of  Condensed Matter, Statistical Physics, AMO Physics,  Quantum Optics and Quantum Information now triggers a new wave of interest for this field.

The aim of this Les Houches Summer School is to group together leading senior researchers from all these subfields and train a group of young researchers to the very active research field of out-of-equilibrium dynamics of disordered many-body systems. A variety of landmark contributions has appeared in the very last years. They emerged from different scientific communities and it is now a perfect time to make a point and propose a variety of advanced courses to cover the field and its various aspects. We expect exciting cross-fertilization of ideas from all fields, which will spark new promising research directions